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Pictured left to right - Bruce B. Fry, D.O., James K. Maguire, Jr., M.D., Jennifer Vaught, FNP-BC, Luke Madigan, M.D., Nancy Dusek, FNP-BC, Brandi Wilson, FNP-BC, Paul H. Johnson, M.D., Michael C. Craig, M.D.

Spine Surgery Physicians

Non-Operative Spine Care

  • Nancy Dusek, FNP-BC
  • Jennifer Vaught, FNP-BC
  • Brandi Wilson, FNP-BC

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Spine & Neck Education

Why Choose Us

The spine functions as a foundation of mobility and strength and as a protector of the vital lines of the body’s internal communication, the nerves and spinal cord.

Unfortunately, during a person’s lifetime, there is an eight in ten chance that at some point, spinal pain and dysfunction will affect normal activities of daily living. At KOC, the delicate and complex task of spinal surgery (neck and back) is in the caring hands of three Orthopaedic Specialists: Dr. James Maguire, Dr. Paul Johnson and Dr. Luke Madigan. Additionally, KOC has two other Spine Specialists with expertise in non-surgical treatments: Dr. Bruce Fry and Dr. Michael C. Craig.

Neck & Back Surgery

None of us want to miss out on a day at the lake or a dinner out with friends because of pain or exhaustion from a bad back or a stiff neck. Spinal pain and dysfunction takes a toll on the whole body and can have profound effects on our daily activities. For patients like Anita Moore (shown above) trusting the caring and experienced specialists at KOC with the delicate and complex task of spinal surgery means returning to the lake and to a favorite pastime with confidence and renewed strength.

Non-operative Spine Care

For many of us, thoughts of anesthesia, a hospital stay, and recovery from surgery are daunting. Fortunately, advanced diagnostics and non-surgical treatment, including comprehensive therapy and rehabilitation programs, make it possible for KOC physicians to relieve many orthopaedic problems without surgery. You can trust that at KOC we emphasize holistic care as we strive to minimize medication and maximize rehabilitative approaches—including non-surgical approaches—to orthopaedic problems.

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