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From growing pains to playground injuries, children have unique needs when it comes to orthopaedic care.

Few things, if any, are as important as the health and happiness of your child. You can trust that the pediatric orthopaedic specialists at KOC understand the particular demands of treating children. They are committed to tending, with experienced hands, to the many complexities of your child’s bone and joint problems.

Unlike many of the other specialties at KOC, pediatric orthopaedics does not focus on one area of the body, but on the many complexities of bone and joint problems in the growing child. Dr. Cameron Sears, Dr. Jay Crawford, and Dr. Curtis Gaylord are fellowship-trained pediatric orthopaedic surgeons. They treat a variety of conditions including congenital problems (e.g., clubfoot and spina bifida), problems that arise later in childhood such as scoliosis or growth abnormalities, and the common injuries that happen anywhere from the playground to the soccer field. They understand the unique differences involved in treating children and their parents.

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