Sports Medicine Outreach

Certified Athletic Trainer

Jesica Pearl , MS, ATC

Jesica is the athletic trainer for Farragut High School. She happened to be taking an athletic training class in high school when she suffered a back injury due to her many years as a gymnast. That’s when Jesica decided to pursue this unique career path. She went on to receive both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Jesica’s favorite part of the job is building a rapport with her student athletes. Getting to know them and laugh with them while also being able to help them with an injury or listen to them when they are having a bad day means a lot to her. She feels it opens the door for honest communication and trust.

When she’s not working, Jesica loves to work out, participate in Spartan races, cook, hike, go camping, and spend time studying and growing in her faith.