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At Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic, we work hard to provide the best possible experience and outcome for all of our patients. We understand the freedom and enjoyment that comes from increased mobility and decreased pain, and we often have patients tell us that because of their care, they can now live a fuller, more active life.

We would love to hear your story of what you can now do because of your orthopaedic care!

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Patient Testimonials

Thanks to my care at KOC, I can walk again! All the praise goes to God and Dr. Luke Madigan. Due to spinal stenosis and rheumatoid arthritis, I had become almost bedridden. Each step caused severe pain. Then Dr. Luke Madigan preformed a lumbar fusion L3 to L5 on my spine on May 16, 2016. I found him to be compassionate and knowledgeable. He took the time to answer all of my questions. He even allowed me to pray with him prior to my surgery. My recovery went as expected. The first two weeks were very painful, then my body began to recover. Now six months out, I have no pain in my lower back. I was concerned about becoming addicted to pain medication, but Dr. Madigan keeps a close eye on that and only prescribes what you need, reducing the dosage as quickly as possible. I was so satisfied with Dr. Madigan that when my husband needed back surgery three weeks ago, there was no question who would be preforming the surgery. My husband is also recovering extremely well. He had a herniated disc. I would highly recommend Dr. Luke Madigan. You will not find anyone better. Thank you for giving me my life back Dr. Madigan!
– Brenda, Knoxville
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can do the things I love to do without pain from my shoulder, neck and arm. I can visit with my family and friends, cook, and enjoy my later years free from pain. I first saw Dr. Maguire in 2004 after a three week span in terrible pain. A co-worker shared her story with Dr. Maguire and suggested I visit him. That was the best advice I received. Dr. Maguire ordered x-rays, therapy and then an MRI. I had a disc already ruptured. He performed surgery and immediately I had no pain. I have since had surgery on other discs, which a car accident may have contributed. I would and have recommended Dr. Maguire to other friends. I trust his care completely and would not think of going to another doctor if needed. His knowledge, compassion and care is truly outstanding.
– Carolyn, Kingston
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can return to my favorite pastime of working on antique cars and spending time with my family. I was also able to return to my life as it was before my knees were "bone on bone." Working in my church, going to the grocery store, and attending family outings were virtually impossible. The pain was paralyzing and my quality of life was poor. In July 2015, I had my right knee replaced. Six weeks later, I had my left knee replaced. Dr. Botero performed minimally invasive surgery on my knees and six weeks after my second surgery I was getting back to normal. I was able to attend church where I take care of the sound system. Climbing two flights of stairs to get to the sound booth was no longer painful or difficult. Everyone marveled at my mobility in such a short time. I am so thankful that my wife researched new procedures for knee replacements and found Dr. Botero's minimally invasive knee replacement. The new procedure put me back to my normal routine in no time! Dr. Botero is fantastic. He is a brilliant surgeon. He is also very kind, caring, and could not have improved my treatment and care in any way. I am so thankful that Dr. Botero performed my knee replacements as I have no pain in my knees! He is the BEST! If you are facing knee replacement, do yourself a big favor and choose Dr. Botero. It will be the best decision you'll ever make.
– Richard, Lake City
I just had bicep tenodesis surgery by Dr. Edwin Spencer at the Knoxville Orthopaedic Surgery Center. I can't express myself enough about the courteous staff and the doctor. I have had many surgeries and by far this has been my best experience in the way they treated me and my family. I traveled from Kingsport to have Dr. Spencer treat me and from my experience, I would recommend everyone with orthopaedic issues travel to KOC. They are truly the best around.
– Chris, Kingsport
When I first went to see Dr. Paul Johnson, I immediately felt his sympathy for my 20+ years of what I had been told by other orthopaedics was "sciatic" and not much hope was given. Dr. Johnson took the time to find out what the real problem was, without hesitation. He did several tests before diagnosing my problem. It was then we decided we would go the route of doing surgery (I had never had any ortho surgery prior to this). He clipped the tendon behind the piriformis muscle (glute muscles) and 6 weeks later I have absolutely NO pain after 20+ years and it feels AWESOME! My scar looks great and I am very pleased with Dr. Johnson's overall professionalism, knowledge and capabilities. I have often referred to him as my "Superman". I have never encountered a doctor of any specialty with such determination to help me! Thank you, Dr. Johnson! I will forever be grateful to you for "fixing me" :)
– Staci, Kingston
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can walk these 700 stairs in Amalfi, Italy!
– Randy, Knoxville
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can continue drumming for the rest of my life! I didn't receive medical treatment because I did not need it, but Dr. Gaylord really encouraged me not to give up on drumming and to continue my passion as a drummer. He gave me great advice for my hurting wrists to feel better!
– Cherish, Robbins
Dr. David Holt did an excellent job surgically installing hardware in my broken arm (radius and ulna near the wrist). The surgery was so successful that I needed very little pain medication after it was performed and it's feeling great now. He also came to me in the hospital and performed the surgery as an in-patient when other ortho surgeons required out-patient surgery. Had he not done so, I would have been discharged without the surgery I so desperately needed. Dr. Holt personally called me when I was unable to keep follow-up appointments and for these reasons I consider him a very caring doctor. He is prompt as well, doing everything he said he would on time (hard to find qualities and very much appreciated).
– Nancy, Cosby
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can live again! I am so happy with both knees. Dr. Becker is one of the best. He has a great personality, bed side manner, and is a super great doctor. I can do anything that I want and need to do. I have my life back. Thank you so much for all you do for everyone!
– Carmen, White Pine
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can turn my head and neck without severe pain. I have degenerative disc disease that gets increasingly worse every year. Dr. Luke Madigan was very understanding and willing to help me get relief. He was very easy to talk to and explained what he thought would help me. I was very happy to find someone that I feel I can call on and depend on to help me in the future. I would highly recommend Dr. Madigan.
– Delbert, Knoxville
Dr. Paul Johnson is a wonderful doctor! I wouldn't go anywhere else. He is the best!
– Ashly, Jacksboro
Prior to surgery I was struggling with a loss of flexibility, and limited mobility due to pain. Dr. Luke Madigan performed a lumbar laminectomy for spinal stenosis. At seven weeks post surgery, all of the pre-surgery issues are resolved and I feel better than I have for 20 years. Thanks to the care I received at KOC, I can roll my whitewater kayak again.

Dr. Madigan is an exceptionally skilled and caring surgeon who has earned my deepest gratitude and respect. My only regret is than I didn't have this surgery 5 or 10 years ago!
– Thomas, Tellico Plains